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Down Arrow
Snowy Night

 Though the nights
are cold,
Let Jesus be your warmth

Hillsboro Seventh-day Adventist Church

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Welcome! We are happy you are here. We are a family-centered church, that enjoys making new friends. We are centered on the mission of Jesus. We believe all people are loved by God, and that all peoples have a place in His kingdom. God is transformational, He changes lives. He accepts us as we are, but never leaves us the same. Take a look, wander around, ask questions, we would love to get to know you. If something about our church interests you, let us know. May God bless your travels, and if we can be a part of it, come and join us.



PAStor Danny Kim

Senior Pastor

Vision and Mission. 

Accomplished by

Passion and Purpose.

Reflected by

Love and Acceptance.

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Youth Pastor Victor Reina

Youth Pastor

Lay Pastor import from Milwaukee, Wi. Married with three beautiful children. Inspired by our youth and dedicated to helping the youth experience Jesus in a real, authentic, and relevant way.

h teresa008-c.jpg

Kami Thompson

Administrative Assistant

 Teresa Lyons

Bible Worker

OUR Times

Bible study


Church Service


Snowy Night

"As water reflects the face, so one's life reflects the heart."

Proverbs 27:19

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