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Dear Mom,

Dear Mom,

I miss you, I wish had known you better. Behind the title of “mom” there was a person with dreams and desires. The word "sacrifice" comes from the life of mothers. Everything you did, all that you wanted was the best for your children and family. God put something special into you, and that passion made us what we are today. No person is perfect, we all have frailties and weakness, but with every mistake you kept on believing.

The time has past for me to tell you directly, but there will come a time when we shall see face to face, and the first words will be, “I love you.” Thank you for everything that you were, and everything you weren’t. We laughed together, worked together, and sometimes cried, but sitting by the Sea of Glass, will be the reward we shall both share for eternity.

I live with and beside a mother of my own children. She continues in the tradition of mothers that preceded her. Every meal, hug, smile, and tear comes from the love God has put into her heart. There is much wrong with this world, but in our mothers could be found such goodness. I look around the world and see all the love in the eyes of beautiful women who love their families.

I am thankful for my church. There are many ladies who do not have children of their own, but that doesn’t stop them from being “motherly”. The God given ability to mother extends to the people of our church community. Actually, there are many times we can share motherly love to strangers that come to our doors. To care for them, to comfort the hurting, and bless those who need a little help along life’s journey.

I thank God He gave us mothers. What a blessing to have shared love with such a person. Thank you mom for everything. Rest in peace, I shall see you soon.

Connected to the Vine

-Pastor Danny

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