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I want my kids to know Jesus

“I want my kids to know Jesus, to choose Him and follow Him for life, but I don’t know how to get there.” Or “I want to share my faith with the next generation, but sometimes the gap between us seems just too big to cross, and I don’t know how to communicate with them anymore.” Do either of those sound familiar? As a parent and a pastor, I deeply feel both of those statements. I want my kids to know Jesus, but as I look around at the kids I grew up with, I can attest to the fact that “doing all the right things” – things like going to Sabbath school and church, attending Adventist schools, and all that goes with that – do not indicate that a person will grow up and choose to keep following Christ. We have to do better. And this can be very daunting. But don’t be discouraged - there is good news! In the recent years, as people have noticed culture shift, great research has been going on. We know so much more now about what makes significant impacts in sharing faith – faith that matters and is life changing; faith that truly shares the calling and love of Jesus. This week for church, I’m looking forward to sharing some of that with you – because here is what else I know – God has called you and is equipping you to share His love. Our kids, communities, friends, and families are loved by God, and together we can do better in sharing that love.

Pastor Jana Lee Director of Family and Children’s Ministries Oregon Conference of SDA Ph: (503)850-3500 ext. 537
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