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Important announcements

Hello Church family. This year is moving along so quickly, but the year is not done yet. There are a few things I wanted to announce and talk about with you.

Our Fellowship meal is our first topic. This is important ministry, but it is something that is hard to keep up momentum. Many people start feeling burned out preparing for this meal.

I feel bad that people have to miss worship to get the food ready. Missing out in corporate worship is a huge loss for anyone. Our church will look into what we can do to have fellowship after church without being a burden to our members. I would love to hear ideas to make our fellowship time a better experience for all.

Our second topic is the Tuesday Hillsboro Night Market. We have been granted permission to set up a table for our church for this event. Normally churches are not welcome to this market, but we have asked if we could share our services for our community. We will be advertising our ministries at this event, ie.. Community Service, God’s Closet, Youth Group, Pathfinders, Health ministry, Cooking Classes, and Bible Study. This will be an opportunity to meet our community and share what we are doing at our church to meet the needs of our citizens.

Our Third topic is of our Nomination process that is coming. We will be taking a vote on August 20 and 27th to create a five member Nomination team. I will head this team, and we will get together to nominate the leadership of this church for the next two years. People already in ministries and happy with the position would naturally continue with their lead. I will be talking to our various leaders to see what their status is in renewing their service. Our nomination process will end with a business meeting to vote on our new budget and approve our new leadership team.

Our Fourth topic is our finances. I can’t say enough how blessed we are to be “almost” in the black for the year. To have enough money to come in to pay for the function of the church is a wonderful testimony to the faithful stewardship of this church. We are also $6500 away from fulfilling our fundraiser goal. We are actively looking to replace our sign, and continue to raise funds to do evangelism. I praise God for His leadership in our budgetary goals.

Finally, my last thought is that we will be starting a new sermon series in September. It will be an eight part series on Discipleship. The series will be called “The Ship that will take us Home”. We will look at eight topics that I believe are essential to a healthy Spiritual life. From a constant devotional life to a small community of believers, let’s continue to grow in our walk with Jesus. I hope small groups is something you all have been waiting for.

We will have a guest speaker this coming Sabbath. A good friend of mine, George Gainer. He will be presenting the good work of ADRA. Come to church this Sabbath, and let us enjoy time together.

Connected to the Vine

-Pastor Danny

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