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Jesus is the answer

First, let us take a moment in prayer for the families in Uvalde, Texas.

I know many us are preparing for a dark time in our history of the world, but for many families in Uvalde, that day has already come. Day after day, this world goes through indescribable pain. Sin has taken over this world, and the hurt just gets worse. Our world has decided in many ways, they are better off without God, but the evidence is becoming more apparent every day, that the path of sin is destruction.

The pain is real, and the sense of helplessness is pervading over many people. I wish I could say the church could help, but in many instances, the church has also failed. Where can people turn to for help? Who can they trust? We already know the answer, Jesus is the answer.

Jesus told him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me. John 14:6

The Words of Jesus, the life of Jesus, the sacrifice, the mission, all of Him. He is transformational. There is no other name, or idea, or concept that can change people, society, culture, then the love of Jesus. None.

Jesus can stop a murderous man in his tracks, Jesus can give hope to the hopeless, Jesus can give life to the dead.

The world is looking for direction, and we have one we can share. Let’s say it loud and proud. Jesus is the answer to every question of man. No law or movement can change this world, but Jesus can. Jesus is more than a historical figure, He is more than a dream of a better future, no, Jesus is our Savior today.

In our time of loss, anger and heartache, we are looking for answers. Jesus understands us, He mourns for us, and He can heal us. It is a sad week for our country. We are wounded, and we need some cool water for our souls. If you have drank from the fountain of life, let us share that peace. Jesus was weary of this world, the sin of this world wore Him down, but He never let it get the best of Him. In the end, Jesus was victorious. This is also a promise, the world is falling deeper and deeper into sin, but Jesus will save His people, and He will establish His kingdom for eternity. Amen.

Connected to the Vine

-Pastor Danny

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