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Kids! You gotta love 'em!

If you are a parent, there is always a thought in our minds. Our kids! We love them, we want the best for them. They are wonderful, but at the same time can be frustrating. We want them to enjoy the best in life, but often we get frustrated. Children are a part of us, they open parts of us, we never knew we had. Children teach us more about life than we seem to teach them. Everyday spent with our young or grown children is a day well spent.

I have no greater joy

than to hear that my

children are walking

in truth.

John 1:4.

We want our children to be happy, we want them in the kingdom with us. All our efforts to love them and guide them is worth it. What an awesome gift it is to love children. Jesus loved children especially. We can do much good. I am grateful for every young child at church. Let’s love them as Jesus loved us.

Connected to the Vine

Pastor Danny

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