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Seek Ye

There is always a certain danger if you happen to read or listen to the news. There is something about fear and awe that keeps us glued to some drama occurring in the world. This past week, our world descended into the chaos, which is our current banking system. I don’t have the expertise to explain what happened, but the outlook was dire. I really don’t know if the whole world is falling apart, or will we enter another great recession. I do believe sometime between the Lord’s coming and today, there will probably be some kind of economic tragedy, but is last weeks drama a precursor?

Money is a strange thing isn’t it. Let’s be honest, we can’t live without it. We work, we play, we plan, and we save, all for money’s sake. The Lord says, “six days we shall labor”, and that’s a good thing. This is where the Sabbath is so important to us. We function in the world for six days, but we only find completeness in the seventh day. All the work we do, the lives we live makes no sense without our Rest. God is our rest, He completes us, we abide in Him. We live because God is the center of our lives, not money nor work. When we take Sabbath away from our lives, we become lost, and when we take God out of our money, then we lose the purpose for money.

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Matthew 6:33

Every now and then I take a look at my retirement fund, and ask myself, “I wonder if this is enough?” I try not to worry about what the future will bring, I will do my best, but God has the rest. Whatever what my retirement future holds, I know God will help me every step of the way. I am not saying we should throw all caution into the wind, I believe we should be responsible with our money to spend and save wisely. I spend time with God on how I should spend, give, and save for His glory. Like in life, I can only do my best, but the rest I have to believe God will take care of me, like He always has.

Ultimately, God has this whole world in His hands. Prophecy tells us that this world will come to an end, and we who have trusted in Him will have a home in paradise. Money is temporal. It is something the nations rage about. For people who only live for this world, it is something that is upmost in importance. We do not fear the future, God has already claimed it. May the banks fail, and the world be turned upside down, we have a God who will ever take care of us. What a joy it is to abide in Him, let us take our walk with our Master and live in peace.

Connected to the Vine

-Pastor Danny

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