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Selfish Love? Selfless Love?

There is a battle in this world, but probably not the battle you are thinking about. We live in a culture and a world, where “I” am the center of the universe. We exist for ourselves and we make decisions that will best help ourselves. It makes sense, it’s a life of practical self interest. God doesn’t work this way. God has never been about Himself. God has always been Three, He has always been love, and His love has always been about the other. The entire universe outside this planet functions as a corporate entity. The beings outside this world, lives for others. They live to love, and something seriously went wrong, and we are living in the only place where “I” has become the reason for being.

The repercussions of this system have been disastrous. When the individual has become the center, we have forgotten who we are. We are not activated by a selfless love, but rather a selfish love to further our desires in life. We can’t escape this; we have been born to live for ourselves.

For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain. Philippians 1:21

Christ changes the paradigm. He has brought from heaven the original plan for the universe. It’s not individual; it’s about a universe that breathes as one. What’s fascinating is that as we take part of the great Community, we find our place and individuality; we become fully known when we exist in a realm of others who care for us.

Isn’t it true about this world, that we do not want to be alone? Are we really living if we have no one to love or is loved by no one? Love and pain reminds us that we are meant for more than just existence, we were made to exist in a matrix of community. The fundamental pretext of religion is this: To love, to give, to receive love, to share, to find meaning in others, and live in eternity that shares this love with all. There can never be an end to this. Love can go on forever. This is how eternity works and how we can grow and never come to an end. What a world that awaits for us all. We are just scratching the surface.

Connected to the Vine

-Pastor Danny

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