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The Freedom of a Grown Heir

Imagine a wealthy estate with vast lands, a magnificent mansion, and abundant resources. The owner of this estate had a son who was destined to inherit everything. However, when the son was young, he was placed under the care of guardians and trustees until he reached a certain age. During his time under their supervision, the young heir had limited freedom. He had to follow rules, routines, and restrictions. Though he technically owned the entire estate, he was not able to fully enjoy or utilize its blessings. He longed for the day when he would come of age and experience the true freedom and authority that came with his inheritance. Finally, the day arrived when the young heir reached the appointed time. He turned of age, and the momentous announcement was made. He was now a grown heir, fully recognized and empowered to possess and manage the entire estate.

With this newfound freedom, the heir explored the vast lands, entered the grand mansion, and made use of the resources at his disposal. He no longer needed to rely on guardians or trustees. Every corner of the estate was now accessible to him. The once-restricted heir was now free to enjoy the fullness of his inheritance. This illustration parallels the message of Galatians chapter 4. In this chapter, the Apostle Paul compares the position of believers before and after the coming of Christ. Before Christ, humanity was under the guardianship of the law, restricted by its demands and regulations. We were like the young heir, waiting for the appointed time of freedom. However, when Jesus, the Son of God, entered the world, He fulfilled the requirements of the law on our behalf. Through His sacrifice on the cross, He redeemed us from the bondage of the law and its penalties. We have now received the Spirit of God, who testifies that we are His children. Just like the grown heir in the illustration, we have been set free from the restrictions of the law. We are no longer bound by its demands and regulations. Instead, we have been given the fullness of our inheritance as children of God. This illustration emphasizes that our freedom in Christ is not a license for lawlessness or indulgence in sinful desires. Instead, it is an invitation to embrace the fullness of our identity and inheritance in Him. We can now explore the depths of God's love, access His abundant resources, and walk in the authority He has bestowed upon us. Let us rejoice in the freedom we have in Christ and live as mature heirs, fully embracing our identity and walking in the liberty and grace that comes with our spiritual inheritance.


Pastor Victor Reina

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