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Those Who Passed By

The Bible records that, “Those who passed by blasphemed Him.” Mark 15:29

I want you to consider the people who callously passed by the Savior as He hung on the cross. How heartless they were!

But before we rush to judge them, let’s remember that many are still doing it today. They fall into three groups:

Those who want a cross without Christ. It’s possible to revere a symbol without the Savior. Some may clasp in their hand a miniature cross made of wood or gold, but that emblem will never atone for even one sin. It is Christ alone who redeems our souls with His precious blood.

Those who want a Christ without a cross. They want a conqueror, not a dying Lamb. They would cry, “Come down from the cross!” Mark 15:30.

Then there are many who desire a good example, or a great teacher, or a triumphant king.

Their gospel is one of works. They despise the gospel that declares we are justified by faith in One who shed His blood on the cross.

An finally, there are those who want neither Christ nor His cross. They are untouched by His sorrow, unmoved by His suffering, and unrepentant of their sins that He bore. They have never exclaimed as did the songwriter John M. Moore, “All my iniquities on Him were laid—He nailed them all to the tree. Jesus the debt of my sin fully paid—He paid the ransom for me.”

So, who are you? In which category to do find yourself today? Friends, there is always hope when you except Christ as your Lord and King. I invite you to come this Sabbath to explore this topic further.

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