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What lights up your Christmas?

A few weeks ago I was driving around my neighborhood looking at the houses and how they were lit and decorated for Christmas. There were amazing houses with tons of lights, inflatables, and trees and there were houses with just lights on the border of the home. It was a wonderful time seeing the creativity and expression of these homes and how they celebrate the holiday season. As I was driving by I probably saw 50-75 houses, and can you believe that there were only about 3 with anything expressing the birth of Jesus. Should it be of any surprise? No. Does it still take me by surprise? Yes.

Every year I am hoping for the Lord to be the focus. I hoping one year that at least 50% of the houses I drive by show their love of Jesus and express the real reason for the season. But every year I am disappointed. I know I know, you’re reading this thinking, that this is sign of the times and satan, I mean santa was designed to take the glory away from our Lord and Savior. I just can’t help but yearn for my brother and sisters to engage in Christ and to give Him the time that He deserves. I know that there will be a time and a place for that where we can all join in and share in an experience celebrating God’s coming as a babe. But until then, this will do. My brother and sisters, in the middle of all this commotion and devotion to giving and sharing with the people we love. Don’t forget the greatest gift that God has given His children… His love. One of a kind, unending and perfect. This sabbath we will have a Christmas Program like no other celebrating God’s greatest gift to us.

If I don’t see you this Sabbath, may God bless you mightily this Christmas season. You are loved not just by me, but by our Heavenly Father.

Merry Christmas.

Connected to the Vine,

Pastor Victor Reina

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